Wellcraft 302 & 352 Fisherman Series

Wellcraft were founded in 1955 and became best recognized for their Scarab brand that featured so prominently in the hit US TV series Miami Vice. Over a hundred Scarab 38 Miami Vice replicas were built by the company following the

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Wellcraft Fisherman 202

… it’s a great-looking open boat with long-range cruising ability, an easy helming experience and lots of space.  … the 202 could become one of the most distinctive and desirable compact crossover boats the market has to offer. Wellcraft Fisherman

Wellcraft 242 Scarab Offshore

… let’s retain our optimism at the arrival of an exciting boat from an exciting builder – and look forward to finding out what she can really do. Put the throttle down and after a bit of bow-up posturing, the

Wellcraft Fisherman on Display

Sea Ventures are preparing for their first full season of distributing the Wellcraft Fisherman range in the UK. A full programme is planned for the spring season to allow them to be seen along the south coast and the boats

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