Nimbus C9

Nimbus C9 is the third in the new 9 metre series from the Nordic builder, Nimbus Boats. It's a purpose built commuter vessel prioritising spaciousness and functionality. The Nimbus C9 caters to all year round boaters thanks to its well

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Nimbus W9 Makes World Premiere

Nimbus W9 Makes World Premiere The new Nimbus W9 made its world premiere at Boot Düsseldorf. The new craft is a high-speed day cruiser and weekend boat designed for social activities, offering overnight accommodation for up to four people. The

Nimbus 370/380

What was different about driving the Nimbus compared to other semi-displacement boats was the virtually linear performance delivery. The wide scope of its appeal, encompassing both yachtsmen and motor boaters, underlines this boat’s versatility …  These boats are beautifully built

Nimbus 365

 … the 365 drives very well, especially in the rough, is very well built and feels exceedingly safe.  It offers a high degree of practicality and is perfectly suited to single-crew skippers – especially with its wheelhouse side door.

Nimbus 305 Coupé

The 305 Coupé is an impressive boat given that it performs with one relatively modest engine. It can be many things to many people without compromise, while offering a solid level of build to match its sea credentials. The hull

Arksen Discovery Series

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Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign

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