The RYA have announced their support for the Surfers Against Sewage manifesto: The End Sewage Pollution Manifesto. The charity has joined 12 leading organisations directly interested in water quality, including Swim England and British Canoeing, in signing the document.

Last year, sewage was discharged into England’s waterways 301,091 times. The continual water pollution puts water users at risk of contracting harmful illnesses from viruses and antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. The coalition brings together national and local organisations with a shared vision of healthy and safe waters where wildlife can thrive and where people can surf, swim or use the water free from the fear of becoming ill.

Phil Horton, RYA Environment and Sustainability Manager, said: ‘We know from the communications that we have had with our members that the future health of our inland waterways and coastline is intrinsic to their enjoyment on the water. Our members take part in sailing, boating and water sports in UK waters all year round, and the health of participants and that of the habitats they visit should be protected.’

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