Simrad have announced a collaboration with the NGO Open Arms, a project dedicated to the surveillance and rescue of people in need of assistance in the Aegean and central Mediterranean.

In order to support Open Arms in developing their work at sea, Simrad have recently equipped their sailing boat Astral with the Halo24 pulse compression radar, NSS evo3 12 chartplotters and IS42 digital displays. In addition, their RIB Gomona has also been updated with a Simrad NSS evo3 7 chartplotter, VHF RS20S radio and AIS Class B NAIS 500 transponder.

Gerard Canals, Head of Operations at Open Arms, said: ‘The Open Arms ship fleet is equipped with the best technology, which is why we can navigate safely and can search for vessels in distress. Thanks to Simrad, we have been able to improve the Astral’s electronics equipment and some of the RIB’s.’

Pascual Román, Country Manager at Navico Iberia, commented: ‘We are proud to be able to help Open Arms save lives by equipping their vessels with advanced technology that allows them to carry out their mission with greater safety and efficiency.’ /

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