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XO Explorer

Being an aluminium boat, it is relatively light at 4.6 tonnes with twin 350hp Verados. One of the most sensible features of the boat is its shock-absorbing seats, which look like motor cycle forks ... XO Explorer The intrepid Greg

 Fjord 36 Xpress

The dash arrangement is spot on – everything in its place and there’s a place for everything. It wrestles with being a superyacht tender and a weekender, while still being an exciting and practical sports boat.  With two 350hp Verados

Seaward 39

The Seaward 39 is a bespoke old-school semi-displacement boat based on a well-proven design that cuts through rough weather with ease.   It is a wet boat, but that does not matter as it is built to deal with that. 

Mazu 42 Walk-Around

Mazu have done well to slip in a double berth and a compact luxury heads compartment with shower and vanity unit. I can’t imagine it is likely to get a huge amount of use as an overnighter, but if the

Suzuki DF325

If you were intending to do a lot of sea miles in this country across different locations, a DF325 could make good sense from a long-term perspective.  The benefit of having two smaller-diameter propellers instead of one bigger one is


 … this tragic episode … spurred a businessman already personally motivated in this matter to do something about it.  … a simple and cost-effective kill cord that can be fitted to any kill switch, by anybody, that will not

Ribcraft 7.8m

You get the impression that every aspect of the boat has been carefully thought through.  This particular version is obviously not designed for the average family, though its seats would certainly win a few hearts and minds in rough weather.

Hardy 42

The helm set-up is great, offering very good visibility forward and over the beams.  The Hardy 42 is a boat with a timeless design, which, like its siblings, never seems to lack in popularity …  It would be fair to

Ribquest 7.8

Not that surprisingly, the build quality is rock solid. … this boat proved itself hugely capable in some big seas, providing a steady sure-footed ride, with responsive sporty handling to match.  Ribquest 7.8 Greg Copp takes a close look at

Nimbus 365

 … the 365 drives very well, especially in the rough, is very well built and feels exceedingly safe.  It offers a high degree of practicality and is perfectly suited to single-crew skippers – especially with its wheelhouse side door.

Garmin Gear

Garmin have certainly embraced the recent sonar revolution enabling skippers to get a much better picture of life beneath their boat … There have been several sonar systems launched recently that give a realistic 3D picture of the seabed, so

Ribcraft 6.8m

There is no compromise with a Ribcraft, which is obvious the moment you cast your eyes around one. …it is still sufficiently family-friendly in design and appearance to appeal to those outside the drysuit brigade. Ribcraft 6.8m Greg Copp gets

Beneteau Antares 13.80

Few 45ft planing boats offered this level of practicality, performance, seakeeping and safety.  What is evident in the Antares 13.80 is that the design is focused on safety and practicality over accommodation and stylish contemporary looks. …if you are after

Mustang 2800SC

 The heads is the most impressive aspect of the boat’s accommodation, and for many this will be a key point. Its keen price tag makes it a realistic competitor in a sector of the market where American boats have

Monte Carlo Marine 690

The space inside the engine bay is huge, reminiscent of the days when boat design was not focused on using every inch to squeeze something in. Though mahogany is an exceedingly strong material to build boats from, modern laminating methods

Brig 10m Eagle

The attention to detail throughout the boat is impressive. It is… a very exciting boat to drive, and will appeal to the water sports enthusiast. Its price tag is reflected in its build quality and attention to detail. Brig 10m

Whale Tail XL

Greg Copp looks at new gear from Whale Tail... The Whale Tail XL from Davis Instruments is a bit of an old tune on a new fiddle. However, you can’t argue with the simplicity and effectiveness of the simple bolt-on

Retro Repower – Dragon 39

The boat was in good order, so nothing major needed doing. The electrics were a point of focus, with all the switching and instruments replaced. Greg Copp recounts the tale of how a successful refit increased the firepower of a

Seaward 39

Greenline 36

The Greenline 36 does not try to be all things to all men. It is a long-legged cruiser that aims to provide frugal family cruising. First impressions count with the Hybrid 36. Greenline 36 Innovation seems to be the keyword

Cobra 7.7 Suzuki/Yamaha Solent Shoot-Out

This is Cobra’s most popular RIB and with good reason. It is easy to tow and launch and yet is big enough to rough it offshore. It is a high-quality British-built boat that has been meticulously designed as a fast

Husky R6

The Husky R6… combines all the graces and practicalities of a family boat with rapid performance, good handling and quick steering. Its capabilities exceed its size, and its build quality, which is just as evident behind the scenes, is reassuring.

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895

 Watch the video The MF895 is really an already proven concept, being very closely based on the 855. When it comes to the heads, this boat excels for a 30-footer – there is a shower behind the door with

Arksen Discovery Series

Wellcraft - Push your limits with the Wellcraft 355

Premier Marinas Dry Stack - Trafalgar Wharf

Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign

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