Candela C-8 has won the German Design Awards in the Excellent Product Design category – the most prestigious design prize.

“We’re honored to see our efforts to redefine the boating experience being recognized by the German Design Council. The C-8 is a testament to functional design, its minimalist aesthetics stemming from the need for lightness and aerodynamics,” says Niklas Nordin, Head of Products at Candela.

Shaped by Air and Water

The sleek hull of the Candela C-8, often interpreted as ‘minimalistic Nordic design,’ primarily aims for efficiency. The hydrofoils reduce water friction by allowing the craft to fly above the waves, while the hull’s sleek, rounded bow and tapered stern minimize air resistance. Advanced computer modeling and has been extensively used to simulate drag, with details such as flush fold-down cleats and a carefully angled windscreen enhancing both aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency.

Foiling electric powerboat Candela C-8 wins German Design Awards

“The C-8’s efficiency is the key to making a truly sustainable boat. Just like gliders with their smooth, graceful lines, it is designed to be as ‘slippery’ as possible,” adds Niklas Nordin.

This design, combined with the hydrofoil system, a lightweight carbon fiber composite build, and an energy-dense Polestar battery, makes the Candela C-8 the most energy-efficient powerboat on earth – with the longest electric range. By flying above the water, the Candela C-8 uses 80% less energy than a conventional powerboat, resulting in a long range on battery power. With a top speed of 27 knots and the ability to cover over 50 nautical miles at 22 knots, the C-8 is the first electric boat to rival fossil fuel competitors in terms of performance.

Once foilborne, after ‘taking off’ at 16 knots, the C-8’s passengers can enjoy a silent and smooth ride, often described as a ‘magic carpet experience.’ In the background, the boat’s Flight controller works with the help of sensors that detect the waves and adjust the hydrofoil’s angle of attack 100 times per second so that passengers do not notice the motion of the sea. Seasickness is thus a thing of the past.

Among other standout features is the motor, Candela’s own C-POD. This direct-drive electric motor, fully submerged, ensures a silent ride with no transmission losses. It is also designed to last 3000 hours without maintenance – or ten times longer than a gasoline outboard.

“When designing the C-8, we set out to redesign the boating experience from the ground up. What if we could eliminate all the negative aspects associated with powerboats while retaining the positives? With the C-8, you get the speed and range for your trips, but without the pollution, noise, ridiculously high fuel bills, bumpy ride, and high maintenance costs of ICE motors. To me, the most mind-blowing feature is the silence. Flying above the waves at 20 knots and talking to the passengers in the aft sofa in a normal tone of voice? You could never do that in a conventional boat,” says Nordin.

Candela recently hit a milestone, by delivering the 40th produced Candela C-8 from its factory in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We believe this functional design will stand the test of time. There are no gimmicks in this boat; every detail serves a purpose,” says Nordin.

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