The Latest in Lithium Power                           

Advances in lithium battery technology provide greater domestic capacity. Known for their innovative autonomous power solutions, Mastervolt’s new lithium-ion battery range offers impressive power reserves. The MLI Ultra 12/3000, the MLI Ultra 12/6000 and the MLI Ultra 24/6000, boasting lighter

6th June 2023|Categories: EQUIPMENT|

Wavebrite SMART: Grey-Water Filtration For The Middleweight Market

This intelligent waste water filtration system removes the need for a grey-water tank. Contained within a single unit, and with a remote display screen, Wavebrite SMART removes all contaminants from grey (waste) water. This includes plastics, toxins, phosphates and pollutants,

15th April 2023|Categories: EQUIPMENT|

The New Mercury Marine Lightweight Outboard Range

The lightest 3-cylinder outboard in production offers class-leading features … Considering this company’s drive to stay at the forefront in terms of outboard technology, this new 3-cylinder engine platform does not come as too much of a surprise. These ‘next-generation

13th December 2022|Categories: EQUIPMENT|

AIS EPIRBs by ACR – The SOLAS Dimension Takes Another Step Forward

ACR Electronics and Ocean Signal have just announced the launch of ‘next-generation AIS-enabled EPIRBs’. These new EPIRBs meet the latest incoming commercial standards and incorporate more features than the previous range of beacons produced by ACR. Vessel-mounted beacons are

3rd October 2022|Categories: EQUIPMENT|

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