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Seaward 39

The Seaward 39 is a bespoke old-school semi-displacement boat based on a well-proven design that cuts through rough weather with ease.   It is a wet boat, but that does not matter as it is built to deal with that. 

Silver Eagle BRX

The Eagle BRX is an indisputably fast, agile and exciting boat, with plenty of sheltered seating, furniture versatility and storage built in. With its moderate 20-degree deadrise, its modest weight of just 860kg and the top-rated 200hp engine on the

Superfly GT 42

By all accounts, the Superfly GT 42 from Flying Flipper is a boat worth watching out for … … how good it is to see the design and development of new models such as this being invested in once again

Yamarin 81 DC

If you spend a lot of time at the wheel, you’ll grow to respect the 81 DC’s unfussy dynamic behaviour as much as its endless features list and its distinctive looks. … you’ll be very satisfied with its al fresco

Parting the Waves – Suzuki Style

 The robust engine displacement of 4.4 litres is matched by a high-performance 12.0:1 compression ratio, the highest ever for a production outboard engine. As first impressions go … these Suzuki 350s are superb. Parting the Waves – Suzuki Style

Mazu 42 Walk-Around

Mazu have done well to slip in a double berth and a compact luxury heads compartment with shower and vanity unit. I can’t imagine it is likely to get a huge amount of use as an overnighter, but if the

Ribcraft 7.8m

You get the impression that every aspect of the boat has been carefully thought through.  This particular version is obviously not designed for the average family, though its seats would certainly win a few hearts and minds in rough weather.

Sting 610 DC

While a great many debut brands are to some degree a speculative venture into the unknown, this new Polish-built Norwegian cuddy is a very convincing leisure package. It offers plenty of pace, considerably more quality than the market’s most affordable

Ocqueteau Twin Test

Whatever model ticks your box, and however you specify it, both boats are built for a specific purpose, and both have abilities beyond their size.   They are both … constructed with a no-frills approach, and represent good value for money.

Hardy 42

The helm set-up is great, offering very good visibility forward and over the beams.  The Hardy 42 is a boat with a timeless design, which, like its siblings, never seems to lack in popularity …  It would be fair to

Ribquest 7.8

Not that surprisingly, the build quality is rock solid. … this boat proved itself hugely capable in some big seas, providing a steady sure-footed ride, with responsive sporty handling to match.  Ribquest 7.8 Greg Copp takes a close look at

Sealine C430

… even on a wet and gloomy day, with all the light that pours into the saloon, it feels warm and inviting. This coupé is safe, roomy and sociably arranged – inside and out. It’s also nippy, versatile (in the

Parker 750 CC

It’s a little boat that really seems to take its inspiration from big-boat design.  She shows no tendency to be tricky through even the tightest turn, and in every way I would describe her as being very user-friendly. Her quality

Nordkapp Avant 705

The Avant 705 is a very convincing boat, beautifully matched, both stylistically and dynamically, to one of the finest outboard engines on the market.  There are no perceptible fumes at idle, and yet the pickup is profoundly satisfying … …

Nimbus 365

 … the 365 drives very well, especially in the rough, is very well built and feels exceedingly safe.  It offers a high degree of practicality and is perfectly suited to single-crew skippers – especially with its wheelhouse side door.

MOB+ Wireless Kill Cord

MOB+ Wireless Kill Cord With the amount of press coverage rightly given to tragic accidents involving not using a kill cord, the total disregard for safety that many boaters still display never ceases to amaze me. Every week I watch

Bella 620C

If you’re a fisherman or a keen year-round boater … the 620C will do a very manly job at a surprisingly modest price. With its tinted wrap-around screens and its matt-black guard rails, this is an attractive boat from every

Buster XL Pro 

Whichever engine you favour, there’s no doubt that in moderate conditions at sensible speeds, this is a perfectly comfortable boat …  Like every traditional, sensibly powered Buster I’ve ever helmed, the XL Pro is a pussycat for the beginner.  Everything

Finnmaster Pilot 8

… it drives so well, to the point that you start donning your sports boat head… … it is genuinely innovative and exceedingly well built. It is a jack of all trades, but also a master of many – the

Garmin Gear

Garmin have certainly embraced the recent sonar revolution enabling skippers to get a much better picture of life beneath their boat … There have been several sonar systems launched recently that give a realistic 3D picture of the seabed, so

Glastron GT 229

 … this boat is probably the most perfect driving machine I’ve ever helmed.  … if you want a superb driver’s boat with a beamy cockpit and a compact cuddy cabin, it’s a truly amazing piece of work.  … the

Ribcraft 6.8m

There is no compromise with a Ribcraft, which is obvious the moment you cast your eyes around one. …it is still sufficiently family-friendly in design and appearance to appeal to those outside the drysuit brigade. Ribcraft 6.8m Greg Copp gets

Wellcraft 242 Scarab Offshore

… let’s retain our optimism at the arrival of an exciting boat from an exciting builder – and look forward to finding out what she can really do. Put the throttle down and after a bit of bow-up posturing, the

Mustang 2800SC

 The heads is the most impressive aspect of the boat’s accommodation, and for many this will be a key point. Its keen price tag makes it a realistic competitor in a sector of the market where American boats have

Master 730

As an all-rounder, it drives fairly well in conditions that many similarly priced, cost-effective boats would have difficulty with. Probably the most significant aspect of this brand is its high-standard spec. One notable aspect of the boat’s beamy design and

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